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We put greater emphasis on working in consonance with our aforesaid values than on maximizing earnings. Earn we should, but with dignity and pleasure.

About Finjuris Counsels

FINJURIS is a leading international legal advisory firm that specializes in white collar crimes, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, fintech, crowdfunding and venture capital funds.

We at Finjuris Counsel have developed a reputation as one of the most innovative law firms – and the go-to professionals for organizations all over the world wishing to conduct business in the crypto sector, as well as Indian enterprises looking to expand internationally. We are a worldwide research and strategy organization with offices in the UAE, India, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Estonia. Our team of experts has a combined 15 years of experience and knowledge, giving us an advantage in offering services to organizations all over the world, regardless of their sector. They give comprehensive strategy guidance on legal, regulatory, and compliance issues based on essential insights carefully collected from adjacent sectors.

We are the kind of law firm that believes in making an impact in the community. We are consistent, patient, and professional, devoting our whole attention to every case. Working closely with our clients to help them make the best legal decisions is an important component of our services.

We always have unique approach and commerciality.

Vast Market knowledge and strong relationships.

International reach, outlook and best practices.

Always at the forefront of the most innovative solutions.

Our National & International Associates

We are powered by our people. Our firm has dedicated teams of lawyers, Business Consultants, Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Thinkers and Innovators who help global businesses and individual address the important issues and find the right solution.


Lawyer & International Legal Consultant - Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto, VC, Forex Broker Compliance & Regulatory

Former Organisations -
Deloitte, PwC



International Associate,

Expert in Crypto Finance Industry Lithuania

Attorney, USA

MR. nishank JAIN

Chartered Accountant

Ashwati Kottayi

Legal Intern, Finlaw

AML Compliance Specialist in

MR. Owais Pechkar

Advocate, Bombay High Court

Mrs. Purnima Gupta

Advocate, Lucknow High Court

MR. Subodh Gupta

Advocate, Lucknow High Court

Mr. Shrikant Karpe

B.com, Inter CA, GDCA

Mr. John Morris

M.Com. F.C.A., D.I.S.A. (ICAI)

Mr. G. Kumar

B. Sc., F.C.A.

Mr. Pabitra Mahaptra


CEO Of Crypto Association, Estonian

MR. rahul mishra

B.Sc, M.F.C, LL.B, LL.M