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99% WEB 3.0 Projects are Lacking Legal Compliance.

DAO based project are unethically running project worldwide.

WEB 3.0 & DAO Lawyer with Difference

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We think about your Future, not only current legal solutions.

Are you running a WEB 3.0 Project?

Planning to start one WEB 3.0 Project?

Fundamental questions you must have like:

Where should I register my company?

Where to get License for my project?

And may be you are one among them, who feels like, “I don’t need any legal licensing as my project based on DAO”..... Or May be “Let’s register an Offshore Foundation”

BUT You are committing a mistake for sure…

We believe in answering a few questions before you venture into Web 3.0 or dao project

Legal structuring based on legal analysis of lite paper.

Prepare Futuristic Legal Risk Analysis Based Road Map For Your Web 3.0 & Dao Project.

How to MAP your Tax Issues?

How to resolve KYC Issues?

How to take care of local regulatory Issues & International regulatory Issues?

Taking care of Data Protection Issues.

Our services includes

As Web 3.0 & DAO Lawyers, our main focus area for your project will be

Regulatory Compliance.
Securities Law & Web 3.0 Project.
Smart Contract Auditing and Legal Review.
Intellectual Property Protection.
DAO Governance Models.
Cross-Border Transactions and Jurisdictional Issues.
Dispute Resolution and Legal Risk Management.